Mark Regnerus, an associate professor of sociology at The University of Texas at Austin, has become the target of an academic misconduct inquiry by the school. Regnerus recently published a paper that some have taken as evidence that children of gay couples are less well adjusted than other children. The findings as well as the methodology of the study came under heavy scrutiny from the moment the paper was published.

Regnerus is a tenured faculty member at UT Austin and, prior to releasing his findings on the relative success of children of gay couples, was well respected among his peers.

The inquiry was undertaken only after a sustained pressure campaign by gay rights advocates who labled the study fraudulent immediately upon its release. The misconduct inquiry is only an initial step and no formal investigation has been launched as-of-yet, but it’s clear that there has already been a tremendous professional price paid by Professor Regnerus.

Academia and the industrial media complex are fortified bastions of liberalism.  Decent from within their ranks will not be tolerated. Regnerus and his work will be discredited and he will be made an example of. Part of the gay agenda implementation strategy is to deny tranquility to anyone who dares question or oppose the narrative.